Our Lady of Peace School

Preschool Overview

Welcome to Our Lady of Peace preschool! We currently offer half day and all day programs for both 3 and 4 year old children.

Our Lady of Peace Preschool will "Provide a quality, faith-based education steeped in the Roman Catholic tradition", as stated in our mission statement. The program includes experiences and stories to further develop a love and respect for God.

It is also our intention to create an atmosphere where the children will love coming to school to learn and grow as individuals and as learners. The children participate in many enriching "centers" throughout the day to help enhance their socialization skills, their "play" that is essential to forming the whole child, along with specific academic skills.

We do believe parents are the first educator in a child's life. Here are just a few fun and quick activities you can do with your child at home to reinforce skills learned at school:

- Practice cutting: Use old construction paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, etc. This specific
activity will help your child's fine motor skills as well as boost their confidence.
- Keep practicing writing names: Please reinforce how important it is to write from top to
bottom and left to right.
- Practice writing letters, numbers and names in shaving cream. To keep this activity clean,
you can place the shaving cream on a cookie sheet so the shaving cream does not
get all over your house!
- Balloon Toss: Practice throwing and counting how many balloons you can get into a basket.
This activity will help with gross motor skills along with counting.
- Coloring and creating pictures: Use crayons, markers, pencils, paint, stencils, etc. to help build
creativity within your child. Each child is creative in their own way, they just need to be given
the right tools. This activity will also help develop fine motor skills.
- Keep reading to your child! This will help children develop a love for reading. Just a few minutes
a day will make a huge difference!