Our Lady of Peace School


Preschool Curriculum

Spiritual Development
-Develop a love of God, self, and others
-Learn simple prayers and spiritual songs
-Participate in short, spontaneous prayer experiences
-Learn Catholic values through Bible stories, discussion, and plays
-Develop an understanding of liturgical seasons and celebrations

Social and Emotional Development
-Learn to share, take turns, use good manners, and clean up
-Follow directions
-Recognize feelings of self and others
-Express emotions in appropriate ways

Physical Development
-Develop large motor skills including balance, strength, and coordination
-Develop small motor skills including coloring, tracing, gluing, painting, stringing, cutting, lacing, assembling puzzles, and forming shapes, numerals, and letters

Intellectual Development
-Develop speaking, listening, and thinking skills
-Increase vocabulary and comprehension skills
-Develop pre-reading skills
-Print awareness
-Rhyming words
-Letter names/sounds
-Develop pre-math skills
-One-to-one correspondence
-Identification of shapes and numerals

Music and Art
-Learn songs, rhymes, and finger plays
-Participate in dance and creative movement
-Play rhythm instruments
-Use wide variety of materials to encourage creative self-expression