Our Lady of Peace School

First Grade Adds Listening Centers to the Classroom

Dec 08, 2016 | Posted in News

Our Lady of Peace School held it's first alumni -driven annual fund in the Spring of 2016, raising over $28,000 for the school. A portion of the money was used to satisfy a line item of the school budget directed to the Advancement office. The remainder of the funds are being used to assist the teachers in providing STEM exposure for the students. STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. Recently those 4 letters have been increased to six with the addition of the letters "R" and "A", changing the word to STREAM and signifying the addition of religion and arts to the acronym.

The first grade faculty requested three listening centers, each outfitted with 4 headphone sets and capable of handling up to twelve students. Mrs. Madara recently put the center to use in her room. The system does not take the place of classroom teaching, rather it enhances it by providing more opportunity to increase reading fluency and promote retention of written material. Research shows that while it is important to develop skills within the STEM (STREAM) disciplines, students must develop their literacy skills first as they are vital to understanding advanced concepts and will lead to future success. With this in mind, it was determined that the purchase of the listening centers would be a perfect fit for the first purchase with the annual fund proceeds.

Stay posted for other great stories on how the OLP Annual Fund is helping to support the students of our school!