Our Lady of Peace School

Thank you Jacob Fleming

Jun 04, 2014 | Posted in News

Pre-demo of stage
Jacob and Doug Fleming Stand proudly in front of the OLP Stage

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Our Lady of Peace School, you would notice a vibrant and well maintained campus on rolling acres of property. Students walk proudly through the halls which are adorned with student’s creations. The gymnasium and stage floor, however, lacked this beauty, and was, well….unsightly. That was before 8th grade student and aspiring Eagle Scout, Jacob Fleming had the vision of a beautiful stage to commemorate his career as an OLP Crusader.

Jacob, his father Doug and countless volunteers worked tirelessly for 4 weeks to remove 3,000 lbs of flooring, sand the stage trim and added 3 coats of polyurethane to the original stage trim, stripped the paint from the walls, installed new flooring and finally, applied new paint to the walls. Jacob stated that his drive came when he performed in the Alice in Wonderland play which was held by the OLP Playhouse. They had to perform in the cafeteria because the stage was in such bad shape. The audience had obstructed views and could not fully enjoy the performance.

When asked what the most surprising or hardest thing to conceive about the project, humble Jacob replied, “… was that so many people were willing to volunteer their time to help me.” Jacob believes this project will strengthen his leadership skills which are essential at McDowell, where he plans to swim and attend honors classes. Not only is Jacob dedicated to his work as a Life Scout and student council representative, his academic excellence earned him the Presidents Award for Academic Achievement and the American Legion Service Award at OLP’s graduation ceremony .

He quotes the Boy Scout motto; “be prepared”, along with hard work, planning, and courage to see a project through to the end when explaining what leadership means to him. The new gym floor, which will be installed over the summer, will be a great addition to the blistering work Jacob and crew have dedicated to beautify OLP. Jacob can be seen with his father Doug in the above picture, and by the smile on Doug’s face, he couldn’t be more proud of his son!!!

Good Luck Jacob!