Our Lady of Peace School

Our Lady of Peace Parish Endowment Fund

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested by the Our Lady of Peace Parish Endowment which is managed by the Endowment Committee under a clearly defined legal document. This fund is used strictly for tuition assistance. The request for assistance will follow the established guidelines outlined by the Our Lady of Peace Endowment Committee.

Each year, based upon a stated formula, money is transferred to the Our Lady of Peace School budget, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are folded back into the principle to continue to increase the fund's market value. Thus, an endowment fund can grow and provide support for OLP in perpetuity. Property or stock donations are converted to cash and deposited into the fund.

Ways to Give

  • Outright gifts: Write a check or make a pledge
  • Bequests: Name Our Lady of Peace Church and School in your will
  • A gift of securities: Contribute long-term appreciated stock or other securities
  • A gift of real estate: Donate an undivided interest in real estate property
  • A gift of life insurance: Contribute a life insurance policy that you no longer need
  • A gift of retirement assets: Name Our Lady of Peace as the beneficiary of your IRA.
  • A gift of stocks: A gift of stock will be sold and the revenue will be invested.


Need more information?

Contact Mary Beth Whitman, OLP Parish Business Manager at 814-833-7701 ×202 or marybeth.whitman@olp.org