Our Lady of Peace School


OLP School Advisory Council

Assists the pastor and the principal in the governance of the parish school. It is consultative in nature and has responsibility in the following areas: planning, financing, public relations, policy development, building and grounds and selection of the principal. Membership is comprised of six elected members, an appointed financial officer, pastor, principal and up to three additional appointed members. President for 2015 - 2016 is Michael Vereb. Remaining members are Fr. Glenn Whitman (pastor), Mary Beth Ek (principal), LaVaughn Buchanon, Joanne Carlsburg, Karen Welton (secretary), Jim Gwinn (financial officer), and John Knox (Vice President).


Open to all adults who have children in the parish school. This group promotes the social, intellectual, moral and spiritual welfare of the students and fosters better understanding between parents and teachers. The FSA also provides the school with some financial assistance through its fund raising efforts.

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Athletic Association

The sponsor and organizer of the school's various athletic programs. OLP currently fields varsity and junior varsity teams in football, basketball (boys and girls), soccer (boys and girls), cheerleading, cross country and wrestling. It also sponsors bowling, swimming, tennis and golf programs. The association is responsible for recruiting volunteer coaches and other support as well as raising the necessary funds to offer these sporting programs. Association meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. The Athletic Association President is Kurt Spencei. The Athletic Director is Craig Moffatt.

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Promotes learning and discovering. Challenges and family fun are aspects of our program. Adult leaders teach values of honesty and helpfulness and supervise all activities.

Girl Scouts discover, lead and take action - and you can be a part of it! There's a whole big world out there full of opportunities through Girl Scouting. In Girl Scouting, girls are having fun, making new friends and discovering new places. Girl Scouts go camping; visit cool, interesting places; learn about new cultures; and help people in their community - and the girls and leaders plan activities together, so you're guaranteed to have a fun time! Girl Scouting is open to all OLP girls in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8 as you're invited to join a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout Troop. The meetings are held at school or sometimes in the leader's home.

Boys in grades 1-5 are offered the opportunity to join the Cub Scouts. They earn achievement badges through character development, spiritual growth, good sportsmanship and physical fitness. Boys 11 years of age or having completed 5th grade continue the scouting adventure in Boy Scouts. Camping and many other outdoor activities are just part of the fun and enrichment. A great way to build character and life-long friendships!

Cubs scouts: Tim Rohrbach, 835-0689
Boy Scouts: Jim Serafin, 864-0361